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" If you think it's expensive to hire a professional consultant, wait until you hire an amateur! "
-Red Adair

Luein Analytics

Pioneer in AI Research and Consulting.
Hire the best AI experts for your requirements

Working With the Best AI Clients and Partners


Grow Your A.I. Vision With Us

  • Interview and hire our AI consultants.

  • Availability across time zones.

  • Engage on a retention basis.

  • Immediately available for hiring.

  • Innovative and agile problem-solving capability.

  • Multi-domain expertise.

  • Can engage consultants on multiple AI use cases.

  • No upfront long-term commitment required (switch on/off the service whenever you want).

  • Part-time to full-time availability (2hrs to 8 hrs a day).

  • Proof-of-concept (POC), prototype, minimum viable product (MVP), custom product, and algorithm development.

  • You hold the product IP.

Meet The Team

We are a community of friendly, open-minded, collaborative, and professionally growing individuals. Our team comprises some of the brightest minds in statistics, ML algorithms, data science, computer vision, audio processing, and AI R&D. We are obsessed with how AI is reshaping the customer experience.

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What Clients Say

Naveen Kumar TV

Managing Director, (California)

Working with Luein Analytics on AI use cases was (and continues to be) an amazing experience. We worked closely with Luein Analytics to execute on our shared vision of making customers successful through the adoption of AI that accelerates enhanced decision making around an ever evolving risk and compliance landscape. They are extremely helpful and professional, they made everything so seamless for us, and we look forward to continuing the journey."


Director - (Malaysia)

Harendra Singh is a gifted enthusiastic social entrepreneur with a rare combination of patience, spunk, and research skills. Harendra is a AI strategy advisor to us for many products development in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science for APAC regions. I happily recommend him here on LinkedIn, and do so in person to my clients whenever I have the opportunity."

Nicole Wei

VP Quality, Schneider Electric (Singapore)

We are extremely impressed with the exceptional level of cutting-edge AI research carried out by Luein Analytics. Their invaluable contribution in helping us develop three highly efficient customer-facing call auditing solutions has shattered our initial doubts about the feasibility of such automations. Collaborating with their dedicated research team for a remarkable 1.5 years, we witnessed their unwavering commitment, innovative mindset, consistent performance, and outstanding communication skills throughout the entire process. We wholeheartedly recommend Luein Analytics and eagerly anticipate their involvement in our Phase 2 developments."

Anil Joshi

Co-founder, (India)

We are are happy to collaborate with Harendra Singh and LueinAnalytics team to bring AI in our health care endeavour. We were able to quickly integrate and start off within a month. Thank you LueinAnalytics team.."

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