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Universal Technology-Scouting Platform

Short story
Nokia has overslept the trend towards smartphones, Kodak has completely misjudged digital photography and General Motors (GM) has recognized the demand for greener cars far too late. All three companies have gone from being leading companies in the entire global economy to companies struggling to survive. 

If the three companies had recognized the signs of the times at an early stage, it would have been easy for them to develop and market corresponding products and services.



Automotive and Assembly



The client is a Technology Scouting company based in Tokyo (Japan) and California (USA). The company offers various manual scouting services to their different automotive clients need around the globe and across multiple departments.

The ideal manual technology scouting cycle takes 3 months to 18 months for an automotive industry, which itself is a big challenge to reduce.

The client aims to find the emerging disruptive automotive technologies across digital materials and cater every business heads across globe in 1/100th time.

The client was looking for expertise in AI and machine learning as a service and asked our team to build an AI driven MVP (minimal viable product) universal technology scouting platform for automotive industry.



One of the biggest obstacles to innovation in Automotive industry is often the regionally limited way of thinking of companies. However, in order to remain competitive, it is essential to have sound information on emerging technologies at an early stage. Technology scouting is one of the decisive instruments here.


Connectivity to the business - Multiple groups responsible for operating that radar, in departments like marketing, research & development, new product development, business heads, or the innovation lab.

Identifying the right areas to scout - One of the biggest obstacles to innovation is often the regionally limited way of thinking of companies and lack of right skills or expertise to properly scout trends and technologies.

Devoting sufficient time to scouting - Manual technology scouting for an automotive industry, usually takes 3 months to 18 months. There is a time lag between the initial technological development and its direction by the technology scouting method.



Our main task was to design and develop a universal technology scouting platform (limited to Automotive domain initially). The platform enables client's growth leaders, to scout for new ideas among external partners, such as universities, research institutes, competitors, and customers  and across all digital sources with no further wait.

Digital sources included, research articles, blogs, company websites, scholar articles, online video series, holding briefing sessions reports, etc.

Resource crawling

Resource Parser

Research topic extractor

Research topic refinement

Segmentation and relationship extraction

Data lake ingestion

Topic related meta info extraction

Scouting business USERS

Data lake

Technology search

Executive and business leaders

Marketing team

Business development team

Research & development team

new product development, or the innovation team



Passively waiting for technological developments is no longer required. Platform enables screening existing and emerging technologies in order to secure consumers competitiveness and innovative ability. The technology scouting platform can now serve as an early warning system for relevant technological changes.

Time to scouting reduced from ' 3 months - 18 months ', to  2 weeks - 4 weeks  for multiple departments.

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